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Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Zakynthos(with tips and tricks, maps)

Zakynthos Island of Greece
Zakynthos Island of Greece

This post we really hope you find it useful. Zakynthos has some of the most amazing beaches that you can find in Europe. It’s part of
The Ionian Islands in Greece, situated on the west coast of the country, along with Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada and Kefalonia. If you dont have time to visit all of them, We recommend to go with Zakynthos and LefkadaYou can get to Zakynthos Island of Greece by plane, or by cartaking a ferry for a one hour ride from Killini.Shipwrech (Navagio) is the beach whose picture is almost famous.So, it is a must to come and see it for yourself.

Here are some Tips and tricks of  beaches of Zakynthos Island of Greece:

  • Leave early in the morning, as there are fewer tourists.
  • Take some water and sandwiches with you, theres nothing to buy on the beach.
  • Please, dont end up in a big crowded boat like most of the tourists. 
  • Be smart,and take a small boat from these guys here. They have the shortest time to get to thebeach, only 12 minutes of journey because their boats, leave from the closest pointto Shiprech. 
  • The cost is 15 euro per person and you get to see the Blue Caves, also in a glass bottom boat. So, you can do both in the same day.
  • You can stay at the beach for one or more hours, depending on the wind in that day.
  • While youre there, be very careful with the waves. The current is so powerful, that it can carry you along with it.
  • The transition from sand to deep water is pretty fast, so if its a windy day, dont get too adventurous. 
  • This is not just a random warning, you've seen people having trouble with reaching the shore with my own eyes.
  • You have some shaddy parts beacause of the huge rock that surrounds the beach coast, so theres no need for an umbrella.
  • The color of the water is most impressive here and its the most spectacular of all We’ve ever seen. Perfect spot for those Facebook cover photos by the way Porto Roxa This one, is the closest to my heart not so much advertised, pretty intimate, lots of sunbeds and mesmerizing views.

Maps of Zakynthos Island of Greece

You can get to this beach by car, easily just following the map. First, you must have a coffee or a beer, at this place, at the bar and then, choose your favorite free of charge sunbed and just.You don't know just stare at the water and the surroundings. Also you can take  lunch here and they have some quite interesting things in the menu.Which is absolutely delicious.

Anyway, It may out of your way of happines cause you’ve found this place! It was paradise for all traveler and you didnt want to go back to the hotel

Porto Limionas A wonderful little bay, where you can enjoy a drink at the bar, have lunch, lay in the sun on the available sunbeds, swim, snorkel and take pictures. You can enter in the water from a rock, which is very slippery, so be careful and take it easy. Its good to know that you dive in deep water directly

There are more people here than in Porto Roxa, so if you're like intimacy take your car, visit this beach and add it to your mindmap and then spend the day, in Porto Roxa, where its more peaceful. Porto Vromi.You did'nt have much expectations with this one, but the road trip by car to this beach was gorgeous. When you reach there, found a nice little place, with a tavern and we had a great time,swimming and snorkeling. Not much to say about this one because its small. its a small beach, but its a pretty corner of the Earth, which you must visit again for sure.We don't know how to pronounce this word.you'll figure it out.

This is the single beach of the ones We mentioned before which has sand, and one of the smoothest sands of all. This is one of the places where the Mediteraneean turtle lays its eggs, so

this is why its a famous and a protected area. If youre lucky you mayeven spot a baby turtle.

So it is now clear to you that Zakynthos Island of Greece is a worthy of any Island you have visit.

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