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10 best tips for what to pack when you travel.

10 best tips for traveling internationally checklist
10 best tips for traveling internationally checklist

When you travel around the world you faces a lot of different situations and it hasn't always been easy.Here are 10 best traveling internationally checklist,
 so that you can travel light, save money and make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Our tips apply to both men and women.So what we do is we create kind of a capsule minimalist wardrobe and we choose pieces that are all in the same color scheme and all in the similar style so that we can layer them and create all of our outfits from those same pieces so here's an example of what my wardrobe looks like


Gray t-shirts and then a light cardigan and a hoodie that you can layer on top and then on the bottom I'll have a pair of jeans I have a pair of tights that I can wear on their own or under the jeans as long and then I'll have a skirt or a pair of shorts that you can wear if it gets hot.So these pieces are all interchangeable and you can create different outfits for different situations.It's easy to get carried away with clothing.But in our experience less is always better and if you find that you're missing something you can always pick it up where you are. 


For water when we went to abroad we used to buy a lot of bottled water and we felt really bad about it.It was a lot of plastic and it was actually really expensive.So now you should carry a really small portable water purifier this one's a SteriPEN.You can charge it with USB and it works really well.It's just a altra violet light that kills the bacteria and we basically just fill up our water bottle with water you turn it on put it and stir it for about a minute and your water is clean and ready to drink.


I travel with a lot of books.So I'll usually bring a pretty big travel journal with me, a guide book for wherever you are going and a couple of novels.As you can see this takes up a lot of space it's really heavy to carry and it's really inconvenient. So what we're doing is, we're trying to lighten our load and downsize the amount of books that we're bringing with us.I've started to choose smaller travel journal, so these are only about a quarter of the size.We're only going to be picking up free maps that we get at the airport and the train station, so that we can at least find our way around and we'll use an iPod as a guidebook. A set of headphones are going to replace all of the bulky novels that we carry with us.So by making these simple changes were able to go from this to this I'll be borrowing free ebooks from the library and I'm also going to be getting audiobooks from audible.com It helps you when you're in the car or the plane or the bus so audiobooks are the obvious solution to read anywhere and you don't even have to carry anything with you.You can either buy individual audiobooks on their own without the membership or if you pay 14.95 a month you get one free book every month and you're going to member discount on any additional books you want.


For staying clean  and hygienic, we have a few really simple things that we use and that work really well for us.One of our favorite things is this laundry soap bar.We use this to wash our clothes by hand.It is nice to be independent and be able to do that almost wherever you are and it saves us a lot of money because we don't have to go to Laundromat.Another thing we carry around with us is dry shampoo.It actually works really well. it's just a little powder that you put in your hand, you mix it around in your hair and it's like you washed your hair.You kind of get a little refresher in between showers.You can buy this but you can also look it up and make your own using pretty simple ingredients like corn starch and another thing that we bring with us almost all the time and that helps us deal with those days in between showers our wet wipes.We obviously don't bring a big container like this but wet wipes combined with the dry shampoo are really great.Simple pour a bowl way to stay clean on launch idle days and between showers and last we always bring trusty dr. Bronner's soap.This can be used for anything.Its natural, its unscented, so we can wash dishes, we can shower with this so it's really handy.


If you're traveling outside the country you're obviously going to need your passport and you're going to need to take really good care of it.If the passport ruined by water damage and if there's just a bit of water that smudges the picture it's invalid so you got to take really good care of it.Because if something happens when you're in another country then it's really expensive to get a new one and it's a lot of trouble so what we do now is that we always carry it in a traveling pouch.Sometimes in a pouch that we can hide on ourselves and in that pouch we also keep the passport in a ziplock bag.It's really simple it costs nothing and it'll save it from getting water damage.


For food and snacks we usually try to bring our own stuff because food at the airport and the train station and in basically any touristy area is usually overpriced and really expensive.So we'll usually pack a bag of our own snacks so that we can save money and also make sure that we have the food that we actually like to eat.It's important to check out the different guidelines for where you're going because they're always changing and often you can't bring things like produce liquid raw nuts and things like that packing on food is also a great way to make sure that we're eating healthy food.


Which we can't always find when we're on the move when we travel to work, we definitely bring a lot more stuff  like laptops and a lot more electronics.But when we're not traveling for work we try to bring as little as possible .So, for not bringing a computer we usually do everything with just this ipod touch we don't have a data plan on it or anything but it's there's Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere nowadays. So it is possible for a camera if we're not bringing our big camera to film videos then we just use the small camera on the iPod or we can also use just a little point and shoot like this one and then we try to keep all our cables and adapters into a pencil case and we tie them up with elastics and then we have our universal power adapter which is really handy.If you're going to a lot of different countries and we usually bring a couple extra ones just in case we lose one.


The other another thing we put in this category is flashlights.We always carry them around with us when we're traveling and they actually do come in really handy.So we'll bring either flashlight or a headlamp. This is actually pretty fantastic. it's a little Foxx le headlamp and it has a lithium ion battery that's USB rechargeable and that seems to last forever.So great thing to have with us.
When we travel we try to be aware of the waste that we're creating traveling is already putting a pretty big footprint on the earth so we try to reduce it as much as possible.We try to travel with these reusables all the time to reduce the amount of plastic and garbage that we're creating as we go.So, we'll usually have our own coffee mugs that we bring with us.We'll bring our own water bottle, we bring our own cutlery and reusable food containers and we usually bring a couple of cloth bags with us for when we're shopping or doing groceries.When we're not using the containers we can just store stuff in them so they don't take up too much space.


Now our DIY health kit keep in mind that this is not medical advice and if you're going to take any of these make sure you talk to your doctor one of the worst things that can happen when you're traveling is getting sick.It's terrible because you're not at home.It's not comfortable and it's to be avoided at all cost.So we try and get all the sleep that we need and we try to eat really well but if something does happen we have a little bit of a health kit that we can use to try and make ourselves a little bit better we usually try a chiral things first before moving on to the pharmaceutical stuff.So, we'll have oregano oil which is a good antibacterial oil and you can take that if you get food poisoning or at the beginning of a cold, for headaches we have these natural oils peppermint and lavender oil. we also usually carry garlic pills as soon as we feel like we might be getting sick we take a bunch of these and get a couple good night's sleep and usually it does the trick we also carry activated charcoal pills .These can also be good if you're if you get travelers diarrhea or any kind of stomach flu or stomach bug .We also always carry ginger pills on us.Gravol makes a ginger pill but there's also other brands that make them and that's really good for any kind of motion sickness.If these aren't working then we'll use things like Advil.We also always carry imodium on us if ever we get travelers diarrhea and it's really bad.We'll also carry some anti nausea pill that is a pharmaceutical strength.If ever the ginger isn't working.


And the last thing our glycerin suppositories.When you're traveling if you're going from airplane to bus to something else.Sometimes you you're kind of out of your routine and you don't go to the bathroom and you can get really constipated and that's not comfortable.If you're super constipated , it can really come in handy.

We hope you enjoyed learning about 10 best tips for what to pack when you travel, all of our best travel packing tips.We hope you have a great trip and thanks again.

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