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Travel To Istanbul-The Ultimate Ititernary 

Istanbul has a kind of supernatural quality and old world appeal all through its boulevards. 
This is Europe best heritage Place having Centuries-old minarets transcend above structures as the Bosphorus beat underneath old scaffolds.

Travel To Istanbul city 2018

Travel To Istanbul city

Obviously the big sell is probably the history there. The truth is that Istanbul only reminds you of Istanbul because it's got such a unique place in world history. Obviously you've got Constantinople, the eastern Roman Empire coming over, the Byzantine Empire and then the Ottoman Empire all sharing a space and sometimes building on top of each other, hence the Hagia Sophia". We talk about spending your first couple days in the historic neighborhood of Sultanahmet where you will find many of the best known sites of the city such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. You'll also find the oldest of palaces since the times of the Ottoman Empire, a very Oriental style Topkap Palace. Both the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar are worth a stop, even if you don't need a carpet. On the third day Christopher directs us north to the neighborhoods of Taksim and Beyolu. Walk down the stikll Caddesi as you people watch on this popular shopping street.

Istabnul Map Europe:

Take in the view from the Galata Tower or from one of the rooftop restaurants Christopher suggests. Explore the shore of the Bosphorus in neighborhoods like Arnavutky and Ortaky. Start with a Turkish breakfast that Christopher thinks is the best meal in the world. See the Dolmabahe Palace and the deathbed of the father of the modern Turkish nation, Atatrk. On the fifth day, Christopher recommends a trip out on the water to the picturesque Prince Islands with a ferry to Heybeliada Island. Explore the ancient walls of the city and the beautiful Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora with its beautiful Byzantine mosaics and frescos. Don't forget that Istanbul bridges the gap between Europe and Asia. Explore some of the neighborhoods on the Asian side as well. Istanbul is a beautiful city with centuries of history, great food and great people.

So when you visit Istanbul, be prepared to be surprised by the hospitality shown by the locals.

Things to do:


Here are many things to do during your trip, Best are listed bellow:

Galata Tower

The tower, ranging back to 1348, is massive and offers amazing views of the city. Surrounded by cute shops and sidewalk cafes, you can treat yourself to gelato served (literally) underneath the shadow of the tower.
You can eat tasty food from Guney or relax with a Turkish coffee with the locals (Turkish coffee is amazing by the way). It’s definitely something you can’t miss, so find a slow time of the day to head on over and explore the neighborhood.

The Blue Mosque

If you’re going to see mosques, make sure this one is first on your list. The courtyard of the Blue Mosque is massive with minarets towering above you and the domes of the mosque making you feel like you’re on a movie set.

Inside you will hear prayers being chanted and see beautifully painted ceilings and large pillars. Find a place to sit for awhile and take in the ancient atmosphere of the mosque.

Para Palace Hotel Jumeirah

Walking into this old hotel is like stepping into a different era. With turn of the century architecture and furnishings, its where old-world grandeur and Automan opulence meet.
Even if you’re not staying there, you need to stop there for tea or a Turkish coffee. As you relax with your drink, you can listen to 1940’s music play softly in the background and imagine that you’ve stepped into a different decade.
Fun Fact! Agatha Christie wrote the book, “Murder on the Orient Express” while staying at the Para Palace! Istanbul is where her story first starts out so it only seems fitting.

Try a Traditional Hammam

Hammams are Turkish baths and have been around for centuries. In our visit to Istanbul, we went to the Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamami, and it was definitely an experience. You will be soaked and massaged under a white marble dome, treated to Turkish Delight and tea, and taken into another room where you will be massaged again. And to end it all, you will be served with a large plate of delicious fruits.
Quick Note: There are a couple of things to keep in mind before booking an appointment at a hammam. First, read reviews online. There are a lot of great Turkish baths, but there are also some that won’t give you the best of experiences. Second, hammams are separated by male and female. So if you go with your significant other (or friends), just know that you will be split up in order of your gender.

Federal Coffee Company

If you’re a coffee drinker and/or a serious foodie, then you need to come here.
With a very relaxed vibe and great interior, it offers a wide variety of amazing drinks and foods.
For drinks, our favorites are the Mocha Chai Latte and the Dulche Mocha. Both are instant happiness in a mug.
As for food.. well we loved their breakfasts a little too much, but we either got their Aussie Breakfast or their pancakes.
The Aussie Breakfast contains bacon, sauteed and seasoned mushrooms (don’t know how they did it but they tasted like magic), two eggs, hallumi cheese (Hallumi is a mixture of goat and cow milk cheese, and it’s pan fried. It’s like nothing we’d ever had before and tastes so good.), and freshly baked bread. Top all of those things onto a slice of hot bread and you have an explosion of flavors.

The pancake had a few blueberries cooked inside, lemon juice drizzles over them, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, and topped with more fresh blueberries.


If you’re looking for a medditeranean experience, then definitely try the Greek restaurant, Eleos. Altough it is a bit more expensive than most restaurants in the area, it’s a great place to eat.
Overlooking the Bosphorus, you’ll be able to watch the ships sail over the bright blue waters as you listen to Greek music.

We recommend the grilled bass and goat cheese stuffed red bell peppers.

 Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is interesting in that it was a Greek Orthodox church at one point, then turned into a mosque, and then turned into a museum.
When you step inside, you will see paintings of Mary and Jesus alongside many Islamic structures. It is a mix of religions and extremely fascinating to study.
In fact, just the large amount of space above us as the ceilings climb high with tall pillars, was just enough for us to remain in awe as we explored

Basilica Cistern

With the Basilica Cistern being very close to Hagia Sophia, we decided to make the short few minute walk over.
Being a hot summer day, we instantly felt relieved as we descended underground into the ancient Byzantine cistern. As we walked through the dark large room, dim lights lit up the pillars. You could almost feel how old it was.
It turned from, “Yeah sure, we can check that out,” to, “Kinda glad we made that apart of our outing.” We had been around tourists all day, so going into the cool cistern was very relaxing.

Dubb Indian Restaurant

With a terrace view overlooking the Hagia Sophia, you can relax after a few hours of seeing the sights to some tasty Indian food. However, we feel that their ice cream is definitely the highlight. Mixing delicious flavors and fruits and nuts, it’s seriously refreshing after a hot afternoon.
After staying there for around a month and a half, we were so glad to have gotten to know the city.

Istiklal Street

If you’re looking for an afternoon or evening of exploring and shopping, then definitely head on over to Istiklal Street. Being a major tourist destination, you’ll find all sorts of clothing stores, local and international.

However, there are also live performances, small alleyways with coffee shops (We recommend Mandabatmaz; great Turkish coffee!), carts with grilled corn on the cob, chestnuts, and pretzels, and plenty of shops with gelato and Turkish Delight.

Along the way, you will also find old cathedrals and museums dedicated to certain parts of their culture.

You can definitely make a day of it on Istiklal Street.

Quick Note: If you’re looking for budget-friendly places to shop, there are multiple streets (connected to Istiklal) where you can get a whole outfit for under $20. There will be a mix of small vendors and actual shops. We recommend Terkoz Street (or Terkoz Ck.)

Gülhane Park

While exploring some of the old streets and shops of Istanbul, we both came upon an old castle gate which led into a huge park. With shading trees, bright flower gardens, green grass, and beautiful fountains, we were immediately drawn in.
It was one of those accidents that happen, and you’re glad they happen. It turns out that Gülhane Park used to be a closed in space for the royals (as it is on the Topkapi Palace grounds), but was opened up to the public.And whether you grab some food and have a picnic under the cool shade of the trees, or just walk the paths and people watch, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Grand Bazaar

If you’re looking for a place to get goods that you couldn’t get in your own country, then definitely check out the Grand Bazaar.

There you can find rugs, lamps, scarves, perfumes, sweets, spices, and so much more. We were able to find some great fabrics for a low cost, but just make sure to barter! It’s expected from the shopkeepers.

If you’re planning on making a trip to eastern Europe, then  hope you can find time to visit this beautiful city and get to know its locals.

 Now if you have any questions on these locations or on Istanbul, feel free to let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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