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How to find the best Airfare in 2018

How To Find Very Cheap Airline Ticket In 2018
How To Find Very Cheap Airline Ticket In 2018

The best things to actually is to find very cheap airline ticket  are typically on Tuesday or Wednesday and if you'll notice that's when all the deals happen so airlines like Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines they'll cut out their deals on a Tuesday and if you sign up for their email updates or their deal alerts those will come out on Tuesday as well so it's a really good day to book.The one tip I want to give you about that is the earlier you book your flights on that day the better because they might say as low as 59 dollars each way.The earlier you purchase that day you're going to get closer without fifty nine dollars as the seats fill up in the airplane.What happens to the ticket prices they go up.So later the day you might see that those same tickets are more like seventy dollars each way or eighty dollars each way or if the planes almost sold out they might be more like a hundred dollars each way.So the earlier you can book on the Tuesdays that those deals are released is the best.


Now going along with that the best days to fly everyone might have a different opinion on this but my opinion and what I typically do is I fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday because those days are typically a lot cheaper than other days of the week and we usually come home on a Saturday.If you think about it if people are to go on vacation one day, they normally come home a Sunday right and they come home Sunday because they work on Monday.So sending flights are typically a lot more expensive.So that's why we usually don't come home on a Sunday unless there's some crazy weird deal on an airfare for that day so we typically come home on Saturday and it sings a lot of money.So moving on to ways to actually find those sales I already discuss about making sure you sign up for the emails for any of the airfare or airlines that you fly or would like to fly. I have about four that I'm signed up for and I get emails every week from them and yes I totally check because we have a place that will find on going but if an amazing deal pops up you can bet that. I'm going to figure out a way to go on vacation or make a vacation work around that airfare because airfare is usually the most expensive part of the entire trip.So go along with all that let's discuss about where to find the deals.There are a lot of different places to find the deal so I'm going to share a few of my favorite tricks.Try to keep them a secret because we don't everyone stealing all of our trips and then having to find new ones because our tricks aren't working anymore.

So the first one is www.fly.com, this is actually owned by travelzoo which is one of my favorite travel sites for find the the best airfare.If you go to the fly.com  website you can actually go to their fare calendar.It will show you how much flights are on different days depending on where you're flying to and where you're flying from.It will give you a few month calendar so you can actually decide or see which day in that month is the cheapest day to fly out and which is the cheapest day to fly back.It is so nice because you might not have set dates you have to fly but just know you want to go sometime during spring break or you want to go sometime during the summer. Sometimes you're in the fall if you can do it that way and actually look you can pick and choose the days and it will literally save you hundreds of dollars.It is awesome and definitely want to check out.

The next one that I want to expose to you guys about is called Hitlist. Hitlist is an app that you want to download it's totally free.You're going to go through and tell them where you are flying from then you can actually go through the app tell it where you would like to get updates from or alerts from different cities, countries all over the world.So when there is a deal pops up you'll get a notification to your mobile saying hey guess what around your flights from your city to Hong Kong China or only US$600.So there are a lot of those types of crazy deals that pop up.

Another site to check out is called Skiplagged. This is kind of a crazy concept.If you're gonna fly from point A to point B instead of Indiana maybe get off at the stop halfway through and just get off your flight and it's cheaper to actually do that a lot of the times than flying all the way through.So, if you had a stopover or one or two stops on your flight, you can actually get off early to the city you really wanted to go but you're booking to a destination that was further away.So, you can actually go to the Skiplagged website, putting in this station you want to go. And it will tell you it best possibility for where you want to go and it can save you a ton of dollar if you agree to get off the flight at the stopover.It's a pretty cool concept not going to lie.

One of the other tools I use is called Google flights.This is pretty cool and if you haven't seen it.Basically be research on Google right now and you actually said hey I wanna fly from Salt Lake City to Hawaii, it would pull it up.It would be one of the top searches, you couldn't actually go through there and see the up and the downs, what time of the year is more expensive, what the lowest price that's been recently.So you have that kind of like an idea of how much that fly it has cost in the past and what the lowest is its ever gone.If you haven't been watching your airfare prices, it's one of the best ways to know if you're getting a good deal or not.

And one of the things you guys always need to do with all of your airfare, is to know an idea of how much that airfare typically costs.If you don't know that you're gonna have to do a little bit of research because you won't ever know if you're getting a great deal,  if you don't know what a great price is on that flight that you're trying to snag.

Note:  Clear your cache and temp files of  your browser frequently because it saves the information  you last had and you don't get the best deal about the best time to buy international airline tickets.

So those are all my tips for how to find very cheap airline ticket in 2018, if you have any other ways to save on airfare please fill the contact form  and let us know. 

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