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Ultimate Travel Gear Guide

Well, you’ve come to the right place and consider as your starter guide to your packing list. You might think that every expert traveler must carrying a lot, but keep in mind that if you organize your trip with our vision regarding travel gear, then it make your travel more successful.
Our  tastes may differ, but we all are on the same goal: travel. Is that right?

Ultimate Travel Gear Guide
Travel Gear

The gear list below is just what we found that works best for you because during travel light, which means many passionate traveler uses a lot of expensive gear, so they would be functional, multi-purpose, comfortable, and durable. However, there are lower-cost alternatives to what Iwe have and you’ll have to do some research to find what fits you the best.
Here’s the travel gear that we prefer and love.Keep in mind that total weight of everything should be within 18 kg (40 lbs).

Basic Travel Gear

38L Backpack          22L Day Pack       Camping Hammock    Weatherproof Jacket

       Hiking Shoes           Luna Sandals            Sleeping Bag                     Headlamp

      Toiletries                    Sunglasses         Filtered Water Bottle         Luggage Lock

Shemagh Scarf             Small Multi-Tool        Earplugs         Aloksak Waterproof Bags


  Pack-It Sacs                   Compression Bag

Travel Clothing

Travel is about seeing a new place, experiencing life from a different perspective, trying a local dish, making new friends, experiencing a random moment. Fashion shouldn't be short on function—especially for travelers. The best-dressed road warrior isn't the guy who looks like he just stepped off of a photo shoot. He or she is the one armed with the smartest travel clothes: garments that pack well, wrinkle less, and perform all kinds of practical functions,
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Sweater/Sweatshirt     Boardshorts (1)     Travel Pants (1)           Collared Shirts (2)

 (1 or 2)

     Socks (4)                 Jeans (1)                  T-Shirts (4)                Hiking Shorts (1)

  Underwear (4)         Bandanas (2)

Electronic Gear

We live in a technological era and as a traveller, you will need the right electronic devices for a smoother trip abroad. Modern-day travel calls for modern devices.Other electronics are not absolutely needed, but they improve your quality of life on the road enough to be worth the weight. Here's a list of electronic travel gear you can pack for your next weekend jaunt or long-haul trip.

   Macbook Pro           Magic Mouse             4TB Hard Drive (2)   Unlocked iPhone 8

Power Strip            Bluetooth Speaker                  WiFi Antenna      Kindle Paperwhite

LifeProof Case

Travel Photography Gear

Traveling and photography go hand in hand; the desire to record the places you've visited and share your memories with others is an endless fascination that never gets old. The main problem with travel photography is that it's impractical, if not impossible, to bring all your gear with you, especially if air travel is involved.
For the photographers out there, this is the camera equipment for travel photography.
Here is a starting list of recommended camera gear and accessories for travel photography newbies. See what you need for your travel kit.


Sennheiser MKE 400             Tripod           GoPro & Accessories

RRS Compact Ballhead   Domke F8 Camera Bag

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