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Here is a Idea of Travel Insurance for the Traveler across the Globe.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance guide
Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance ?

Travel insurance is very crucial part of every traveler to get safe and healthy mind during travel.How often do you travel? Do you travel across the globe? Are you a globetrotter? Do you keep one bag eternally packed with your basic necessities because you might have to travel at any time? Your business trips only come at the last minute without much warning?
Ok, In such cases have you ever had a problem like
  • Your passport was stolen?
  •  Misplaced Your bag & baggage?
  • You had to be admitted into a hospital while holidaying in abroad?
  • Your trip had to be cancelled due to bad weather and you suffered a loss at the flight and hotel reservation?

Then Travel Insurance has the solution of all the above questions.Travel Insurance means insuring the risks of having a financial loss or a medical emergency while traveling. In case of a medical emergency, your travel insurance will pay for the medical expenses incurred while undergoing treatment abroad. You do not have to worry about the exorbitant medical bills which will taken care of by the insurance company. There are other benefits of cash allowance for delayed flights and loss of baggage, theft of your belongings etc. It pretty much covers all the standard risks involved while traveling abroad.
Many different people loosely understand Travel Insurance to mean different things.In simple, Travel Insurance primarily falls into two broad categories such as
  • Package plan that includes Trip Cancellation Insurance coverage and the other is
  • Package plan that does not includes trip Cancellation Insurance coverage but mainly focus on Travel medical insurance coverage.

What does trip cancellation Insurance include?
Trip cancellation insurance is a package policy that includes various items such as:
Trip Cancellation:
In case you need to cancel your trip for valid reasons prior to your departure, it will reimburse you the previously paid non refundable portion of your trip cost.

Trip interruption :
In case you need to return back home from your early due to reasons such as your house is on fire or close one passed away or flooded or any natural calamities the trip insurance help you to pay for the additional expenses to make arrangements to return home early.

Emergency Medical Expenses:
If you were to get sick or injured during your trip,Travel Insurance will pay you the expenses. Your domestic health insurance you have may not cover you due to outside your home country, or may cover limited coverage or it may be subject to higher deductible and higher coinsurance and higher out of your pocket maximum.

Emergency Medical evacuation:
If you were to get or injure while you are on the go , it would transport you to nearest medical facility where adequate medical care can be given. Once you are stable enough to travel back home, it may also pay you to return home under the Repatriation benefit.

Repatriation benefit of remains:
God forbid, If you were to pass away while on your trip, this insurance benefit would pay to send your remains back home safely.

Accidental death & Dismemberment:
This type of coverage would apply in case you were to pass away in an accident or were lose one or two limbs(dismemberment) in an accident.

Bag and Baggage:
Many policies may cover things such as loss of checked luggage,baggage delay up to various amounts. Some policies may just pay for the additional expenses you incur due  to the fact that you lost your luggage and pay for reimbursement of those items and ask you to collect the payment from the travel provider (such as airline) because they lost your luggage.

What is travel medical Insurance ?
You are leaving your home country, you should always have emergency medical and evacuation coverage. This coverage is included in all vacation travel insurance plans, or you can buy a travel medical insurance.
Travel medical Insurance mostly does not include trip cancellation benefit but focuses primarily on medical benefits. It may provide better medical coverage than trip cancellation insurance would provide. It may not limit the coverage strictly to major emergencies. This type of insurance coverage is generally more suitable for people who are travelling for a longer duration outside their home country.

Newly added travel insurance are
Students travel Insurance:
This  is for students who are going abroad for education. A lot of universities insist on student travel insurance as the cost of medical expenses while studying in a foreign university can be quite a large sum for a student. In fact, student travel insurance is strongly recommended even if the university you are going to does not insist on it. While on an extended stay, the chances of falling ill or of a medical emergency can be quite high. This also offer some other benefits like visit of emergency family visit, bail bonds on tuition fees etc.  

Pet Travel Insurance: 
If you are a pet owner and considering a move abroad, one of the more difficult considerations is if and how to take your beloved pet abroad with you. After all, a pet is part of the family and will have undoubtedly been part of the decision making process when you decided to make your move.
So it is recommendation to chose a perfect pet travel insurance plan before your plan to travel abroad. 
If you have any queries about travel/ trip Insurance fell free to comments in contact form of home page.I will definitely reply accordingly.

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