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Rio De Janeiro,Brazil.

Rio Beach is famous throughout the globe.It is always atracted by the the beach lovers
Rio Beach,Brazil.

Get direction:

Nearby Airport- Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, popularly known by its original name GaleĆ£o International Airport(GIG),Brazil.

Nearby Railway Station- Brazil central station,Rio De Janeiro.


Would you visit a beach taking long air kilometers duration? the answer would have been categorically no. But if you see the light doing a saucy samba on those waters then it will definitely changed your thinking.
Rio name has strange origin.On January 1, 1502, a Portuguese explorer,Gasper de Lemos, arrived on this coast and entered the Guanabara Bay.He mistook the Bay for the mouth of a river and named it Riiio De Janeiro.The Millions of travelers who descend here every year are thankful to him for his egregious error.
The City of Rio De Janeirio is Part of rainforest,part mega metropolis.But mostly its just a beach,with a coastline measuring around 250 Km.
One of the most unusual tourist sights in Rio has to be the colourful Selaron Steps starddling the neighbourhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa.
Food was a parallel strand running in discovery of Rio, and it was on the table that the city truly revealed itself.It would be an understatement to say that we ate well.

 Places of Interest:

Rio is known for its beaches. They are wide and beautiful with soft white sand. The main beaches are between Leme and Barra and there are many services available to visitors. There are also beaches on the island of Paqueta such as Praia da Moreninha that are worth visiting.
In addition to the many popular beaches, Rio de Janeiro has some great sights that you should make a point of visiting. The Streetcar of Santa Teresa passes through a very scenic neighborhood. Parque Lage is a small park with a mansion that has been converted to a school for fine arts. Jardim Botanico is the botanical gardens that have existed since the 1800s and the National Museum of History is downtown and covers a range of information about Brazil history.
One of the most recognizable spots in Rio is on Corcovado Hill. The landmark statue of Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) is truly amazing and the view is breathtaking. There are several ways to reach the top of the hill but the most popular is the funicular train.
Food and Dining: 
Rio de Janeiro has a wide diversity of food options. Local food is often available at buffet style restaurants (comida a kilo). Prices are by weight. There are also all-you-can-eat restaurants that serve grilled meats and vegetables. Servers bring the dishes to tables on skewers. This style of cooking, called rodizio, is also available for seafood, pizza, and snacks. 

Brazilian specialties often include seafood such as shrimp, lobster, calamari, and shellfish. Juice bars have also becoming very common and fruit juices are available of all types.

Dias Ferreira Street, in Leblon, is the city's trendy restaurant row. Restaurants are more expensive in this area, but are usually quite good.
There are four main districts in Rio de Janeiro. Centro has the business and financial districts as well as some interesting museums and sights. The South Zone has many upscale neighborhoods and many of the tourist areas including Copacabana, as well as Sugar Loaf and Corcovado Mountains. The North Zone has the stadium, zoo, and a handful of other interesting sights. The West Zone is a growing suburban area that is most popular for its beaches. This is also the area that will house most of the 2016 Olympics.
Approx Travel Cost:
The badget can be calculated on the basis of hotels. However, you can do the trip Rs.40000(INR)/ US$600 for 2 adults in season. Which includes budget hotels, transfer & sight seeing by Car, meals.                                   
 (The above cost may vary).
If you have any quarries feel free to comment bellow, I will definitely help you accordingly.

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